Installing os(centos or linux ) on vmplayer

OS (centos /linux / solaris ) installation on vmplayer
Run /open the vmplayer by double clicking on it.

Click on create new virtual machine

In the next window select the iso image location. In my case the downloaded image is at c:\users\mylife\Downloads\Centos-XXXXX  (x is the version )

In the next window select the os flavor , here as centos is one of the linux flavour , I have selected linux.

In the next window provide the name of the virtual machine and location where you want it to be installed.

In the next window allocate the disk space for the new os. For our purpose 20 gb should be good.

In the next window select the power on virtual machine and click on finish.

This will start  the virtual machine .Now the install screen appears , press enter .

In the next window provide the system time and date as per your location.
In the next window provide the root password (remember it as you need it to login to our system).
After a few minutes, you will be presented with a fully functional Linux system:

Boom boom you have your linux virtual machine awaiting for you.




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